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Ext.NET Wiki

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    Ext.NET Wiki

    I'm thinking about Ext.Net documentation and I think wiki can be one of possible ways to share knowledge.

    Now only possible way to get answer to any question is forum.
    Maybe if members of coreteam wrote wiki article and pointing to it as answer on forum, new users can read wiki articles before asking questions.

    What are you thinking about?
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    We think it would be great.

    But at the moment we are working on server API docs.
    Daniil Veriga
    Developer & Support Expert
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    API Docs

    And is any "beta" of server API docs available?
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    Basic Ext.NET API docs are available at the following location(s):

    web -

    We're obviously going to be expanding these docs over time. A wiki will be available shortly as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    API docs!! Wow. that's awesome news.
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    Still waiting for that wiki, it would be of great help since the examples are poorly (or not at all) documented!

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